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Small hammer mill system Goesele


The small hammer mill system is an effective tool very easy to apply for the detection of defective or ineffective body sound insulation measures. It is, however, not standardized.

It is suitable for

  1. the determination of structure-borne noise sensivities of walls and furnishings under construction
  2. Measurement of the borne noise sensivities of various components
  3. Checking the insulation effect of wall and ceiling finishes
  4. Review of the impact sound insulation of ceilings and floating floors

Comparison of the kraft level between a norm footfall hammer and a small hammer (difference about 21 decibel).


Examples of application

  • Determination of footstep sound insulation of floating floors with carpet covering already applied – or the like
  • Determination of the joints insulation of components
  • Review of the structure-borne noise if pipe fixings
  • Localization of borne sound bridges of floating floor screed
  • Review of the parting line of double-shell house partitions
  • Review of borne noise of sanitary fittings