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Transient heat and humidity simulation (WUFI) 


Transient one-dimensional heat and humidity simulation with WUFI Pro and transient two-dimensional heat and humidity simulation with WuFI 2D:

Calculation of transient heat and moisture behavior of components in buildings including the following services:

  • Clarification of task definition in agreement with the client
  • Construction of the component / Simulation Models 1D or 2D
  • Definition of the necessary boundary conditions
  • Implementation of simulation, possibly with integrated assessment (e. g. shaded – not shaded, vapor barrier – moisture adaptive vapor barrier)
  • Evaluation of the results including graphic representation
  • Evaluation of the construction with regard to all relevant criteria (e. g. moisture increase in construction, risk of fungus and mold, evaluation of internal insulation)
  • Preparing a report including representation of the simulation model, the defined boundary conditions as well as the calculation results and final evaluation